In 2014 I began Skype classes in Italian with Marco to help me become more fluent in readiness for a trip to Italy. I had already completed Italian 101, and 102, basic levels, at the local community college, and studied hard at home with CDs, films, and grammar books – but languages are living things and I knew what was missing was real, regular conversation with an actual Italian. It was my daughter who suggested I find a tutor on the internet and try lessons through Skype. That turned out to be really great advice because I was fortunate enough to find Marco. Marco is infinitely flexible in his approach to Italian language teaching. He has a wide range of resources at many levels, and a huge reserve of knowledge. He is ready to discuss any topic with me, or to go in any direction that interests and challenges me. In our conversations we range from daily events, to very technical subjects, from solid factual history to whimsical fairy tales, from gritty grammar lessons when I feel the need to unravel a knot of the Italian language, to lighthearted wit and laughter – and there is always laughter. I feel Marco has helped me towards an understanding of the unique, ironic way Italians have of looking at themselves and the world they live in. My trip to Italy is now almost two years in the past, but I am still enjoying my weekly conversation classes with Marco. I don’t want to lose touch with the Italian language. All of this is simply to say that, thanks to my regular conversations with Marco, a real, living Italian, I am very confident in the Italian language. The best thing I can say is that during my planned trip to Italy in 2016, I didn’t feel like a stranger, or even a tourist. I discovered my proficiency in the Italian language was way beyond the basic level and I had the confidence to actively seek out conversational opportunities everywhere I went in Italy. Thanks Marco. It has been a real pleasure to write this testimonial and to remember back over all the fun conversations we continue to have.

Jackie H.

Tucson, Arizona USA


General Italian lessons helped me to improve quickly my Italian. During each lesson I could practice Italian through grammar exercises, conversations and games. I also learnt many things about Italian culture. I never had pressure on me making me await the next class happily and already knowing what I would like to learn or review.

Marie D. France


Marco is an exceptional teacher who has helped me immensely to become more comfortable in Italian; he’s also generous with his time and very, very patient — two important traits in any teacher. I would recommend him highly.

Michael Romano,

Denver, Colrado., USA


My company have recently started to work with Italian suppliers. I used to speak a little bit of Italian but my level was not enough for business purposes. I searched several websites, but only Skype Italian Lessons gave me what I was looking for: high quality business oriented lessons; flexible class times with invoices.

Miguel R. Madrid

I always wanted to learn Italian. The origin of my mother’s family is from Italy. I’m very busy with my job and family duties and it was difficult to find time to study this language or attend a course. I found this website and I contacted Marco to have some lessons. I really love his way to teach. It’s very useful this way to have lessons because it allows me to organize my lessons from my house, at my own pace, and in my limited free time.

Antonella F. Buenos Aires