Why a businees Italian course?

Italian is not commonly considered a business language and it is often seen just as a tourist language. Is this true?
No it isn’t, according to an article of the Britishcouncil.org “If you’re looking for a job in business, you’ll find that speaking Italian is a particularly useful skill. In research carried out two years ago, Italian was the fourth most frequently requested language by employers. It appeared in 14 per cent of job advertisements for languages, particularly in the financial sector.“

An online Italian course for professionals

During my activity of Italian language tutor, I realized that the demand of business lessons was high and for this reason I started to create specific classes for professionals.

I come from the business world and I use my experience to prepare useful a task-based learning programs.
You can get help to rehearse a presentation, work specifically on a business meeting you need to prepare for, or discuss technical topics linked to your job or your industry.

We’ll mix grammar exercises with business situations allowing you to improve your grammar accuracy while improving business vocabulary.
This course is for intermediate and advanced students only.

Flexibility of Business Italian lessons on skype

As a professional, it’s probably very difficult for you to find time to improve your Italian!
Don’t worry, we can have our lessons based around a time convenient for you. My classes are available from
07:30 – 23:30 Monday to Friday. You can schedule your lesson before going to work, at your lunch break or after work, just pick your time and start improving your Italian!

1-to 1 one online lesson

You won’t waste time in transport or learning in a classroom where everyone is at a different level. You will work efficiently on what you need to improve, on subjects that are important for you. The lessons are focused on your needs and your objectives.

Business Italian

Example of business Italian lessons:

Job interview preparation.

– Practice for that important interview. Specific lessons to help you to prepare, discussing your C.V, experiences, qualifications and allowing you to answer job interview questions with fluency and confidence.

Business Italian for everyday situations.

– Practice business Italian for common situations such as emailing, writing business letters, taking part in meetings, presentations and business telephone calls.


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