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I don’t understand where we will have the lessons. Please, can you explain to me?

I  offer distance lessons  using Skype (or  similar video-calling software).
Skype is a free software and a popular platform for video and audio calls. It’s really safe to download (It is a Microsoft product) and easy to use. It works on  PC, notebooks, tablets and smartphones.  download it now and we can begin our lessons. You’ll also need a good Internet connection. Headphones with a microphone are best and a webcam is preferable, though optional.


I tried to use skype but I think it’s difficult for me. Can you help me?

Yes, you can send me a message explaining which device you will use (smartphone, PC etc.) and  what the problem is about your installation or usage process. We’ll try together to solve any issue.


Can we have lessons via WhatsApp or other programs?

Yes, we can use WhatsApp, google hangouts, Viber, Appear and other similar software.


I’m totally a beginner. I never studied Italian before. Can I  start a course?

Yes I offer lessons for all levels of students. From beginners to advanced.


How long will it take to improve my Italian?

There is no single answer. Each student is different and therefore the effort and time it takes to reach your goals varies according to several factors. Is your native language  close to Italian? Do you know or have studied languages similar to Italian?   The more classes you take, and the more exposure to the language you get outside the class, the sooner you will learn the language.

How do I schedule lessons?

You can fill the contact  form writing which days of the week and which  time  you are usually available to have a lesson. I will reply  proposing a date for our trial lesson. In the same way we can schedule following lessons.

How far in advance can I schedule my lessons?
You need to schedule all lessons at least 24 hours before the starting time of the lesson.

Can I cancel already booked lessons?
Students can cancel a pre-arranged lesson up to 24 hours before the start of that lesson. To do this, students must cancel the lesson sending an email or a WhatsApp message.
Lessons cancelled within 24 hours of lesson commencement cannot be re-credited.

What if you don’t  attend the class?
I try to avoid this absolutely, but it could happen. Of course, you will not pay for this lesson and you will receive an apology bonus.

Can I get an invoice?
Yes, 2 or 3 days after the payment you will receive by email a pdf of your invoice.

How many classes per week should I take?
You can take as many classes per week as you want. If you only want to maintain your Italian at the same level, one class a week is fine. If you want to improve your Italian, we recommend a minimum of two classes per week. Of course the more classes you take, the faster your Italian will improve. You can even do your own intensive courses, taking two-four hours of classes per day!

What is the cost of your  lessons via Skype?
Prices are varied and are more affordable than most contracted lessons. You can see our prices here.

How do I pay?
We usually receive payments using PayPal. It is a very safe payment method. It is not necessary to have a  PayPal account:  PayPal supports payments of both users with a PayPal account and users without a PayPal account. In the latter case, you will need a credit card.
You can get information visiting our prices and payment page.

Do you supply the learning material?
A. Yes, we do. We provide everything at no extra cost.

Are my payment details safe?
A. Yes, we use third-party leading payment processors that process your payment. We do not receive any information from them, we only have your contact details.